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When Technology Meets Business; This is How a Mobile App Can Help Grow Your Business

As the world continues to get digitized, businesses strive to better serve their customers in the online realm. Companies are increasingly relying on mobile apps to better connect with their customers, fueling rapid growth within the app development market. Much like the website boom two decades ago, mobile apps are now on the rise to the point where it’ll soon become impossible to run a business without having one. Although the future of commerce is mobile. We’ll be discussing here how having a mobile app today can help you grow your business. Yes, even when you don’t run a ‘tech company’ by the narrowest definition of the term, your brick & mortar ‘traditional’ business can still benefit immensely from a mobile app. Why? Because in a world as intimately involved with technology as ours, every company is a tech company simply based on the fact that we all increasingly rely on technology for almost everything we do. So what can your business gain from its own mobile app? Here are three key areas that could benefit from a mobile app.

Build an awesome brand image

People today spend more time on their phones than anything else, which makes it critical for businesses to reach out to users via mobile apps. Just within the US, the average American spends around 5.4 hours a day on their phone, making mobile app development USA a very profitable sector in the app industry. The sheer size and scale of the mobile app market make it a lucrative opportunity for businesses, which inevitably leads to fierce competition. As businesses compete and strive to stand out as unique and different from each other, branding has found an important place within the app development process.

When building a mobile app, you get to build everything from scratch, from the app’s core functionality to the look and feel of the tiniest of animations. This implies that you’ll have complete control over how your users experience your app and perceive your business. That can go a long way when it comes to establishing a unique identity. Being able to interact with your users in a controlled and well-designed environment gives you a great advantage. Compare that to your audience hearing/reading about you from various sources and marketing campaigns, and I think we have mobile apps as the clear winner when it comes to establishing brand identity. Every aspect of your app, from the icon to the content within it, delivers a message. It says something about you and your company, which, when designed right, can be extremely attractive to your target customers.

Via Headspace

Consider Headspace as an example. Headspace is a popular meditation app with guided sessions to help listeners meditate, sleep and manage stress better. If you’ve used Headspace, you’ll know that everything about this app is done right. The spacing, colors, fonts and animations, all create a calm and relaxed environment, delivering exactly what the app promises with elegant UX design. Are you getting the idea? Headspace can market all they want, but when a user actually uses the app and is immersed into it, it speaks to them on a different level. That is something you cannot replicate. Mobile apps are the best platform when it comes to connecting with your customers on a personal level.

Drive-up customer loyalty

Another huge advantage to mobile apps is how easy it is to build a loyal audience with an app. Think about it for a second; you have a direct connection with your customers through a device that commands most of their free time and attention. When a user decides to download your app, they’ve already made a commitment to your brand. And you can then take this even further by securing their trust over time, ensuring a long-term relationship with them. Apps offer companies a unique opportunity to build customer-relationships that no other medium can compete with. 

Take Starbucks as an example. In 2015, Starbucks launched their mobile app. Today the app accounts for around 24{41490b4d0cf0dbc5ec3f65e11fff509c7d6ed2a53a838ebf7adf43f0908f07f3} of all orders placed. Which, by the way, makes it the most popular in-person payment option, slightly ahead of Google and apple pay. How did Starbucks get its app to be so popular? Sure it is convenient, but there is more to it. Starbucks launched a loyalty program that awarded customers with stars that can be exchanged for real food and drinks. It sounds really simple, but implementing a loyalty program like this goes a long way when it comes to retaining old customers and attracting new ones. 

Countless apps have implemented similar schemes that reward their users for using the app. Loyalty programs come in all shapes and sizes; some offer reward points while others have multiple tiers. The point is that mobile apps are a great (if not the best) platform for running such programs and thus an excellent medium for building a loyal customer base.

Communicate your message more effectively

Connecting with your customers via mobile apps makes it so much easier to pass important information to them since apps are a direct link between you and your customers. Contrast that with other channels of communication like social media or emails, where brands can easily get lost amidst the noise. The best example of how effective apps can be when it comes to communication would be Amazon. Think about it, how many times has amazon convinced you to buy a product by offering discounts and offers at just about the right time? Every business offers discounts, but knowing who and when to offer them to is what drives growth. Beyond just offers and discounts, Amazon knows its customers well, like really well. When I log into my Amazon app, I am presented with results tailored just for me. The app tells me exactly what I need to know to make a purchase and keeps me updated on delivery dates, transaction statuses, latest prices, etc. Such precise communication inspires buyers’ confidence and boosts loyalty.

There are a million ways in which you can leverage your mobile app to boost your business. From improving your profits to retaining customers, mobile apps are becoming a necessity for running a business. If you wish to develop a custom mobile application for your business at a reasonable price, consider hiring mobile app development companies India. Goodfirms has cataloged a list of top mobile app development companies for businesses seeking to outsource their app development needs. Considering the significant advantages a business app can bring to your company, it is in every businesses’ interest to invest in a mobile app. I hope yours does to, and if it does, I wish you luck for your app adventures.

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