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What to include in your monthly SEO report?

What to include in your monthly SEO report?

Before giving you monthly SEO report templates, let’s take a closer look at what a monthly SEO report is. Simply put, this is a story that will make your customers understand how their site works on search engines. It focuses on organic traffic, grade, and other metric sectors.

By updating this report every month, you can give your customers a clear idea of ​​what your company has done for them. You can show them their promotion in rankings, backlinks and SEO SEO, organic traffic, and more. In other words, monthly SEO reports help people evaluate the performance of their SEO plans once they have a managed SEO provider as a partner. 

Why look for monthly SEO report templates in the first place? 

You may be wondering why you should use an SEO newsletter every month in the first place. Why didn’t you create your own link report? You can do it if you have an effective method.

However, using templates simplifies the process and reduces the time required to create a report. You will know what to include in the report and what to post, so you will not have to spend a lot of time figuring out the important data points. Just process your personal data and you’re good to go.

If you do not know the source of the data you are going to put in and what is not important, your information can be confusing and difficult for your customers to understand. 

  1. Summary of the report

Browsing diagrams, pictures, and technical terms can be stressful. Help your clients understand your report by giving them an overview of the content of your report.

Highlight key points in the list using natural language that everyone understands, even if they are unfamiliar with SEO. This is especially important in companies where different departments need to look at the report.

You must provide a breakdown of key points such as project objectives and KPIs, steps taken, and a general view of the results. For example, your client needs to understand that you have successfully reached 10 visitors’ websites, of which 6 are currently active.

  1. SEO health assessment

Your monthly SEO report should also include details about your client’s website. This could be a description of system errors that affect search engine visibility. This includes page speeds, meta tags, site maps, robots.txt files, and more.

You can use tools such as SEO site analysis to test your client’s SEO rankings and determine what data to include in your monthly SEO report. Test everything from general SEO to advanced SEO for speed and security. Here you can select and highlight some of your key points.

  1. Keyword rankings

Customers also want to know where they are placed in the search results. Therefore, your monthly SEO report should show their rankings and rankings for each topic. This is a powerful demonstration of how your strategy works and how your customers grow.

You may see keywords your customers are not focusing on, but they already have ads. In this case, you want to rearrange your topic to include unexpected but effective keywords. 

  1. Global view of channel intelligence

One of the most important things your customer needs to know is where their traffic is coming from. Therefore, your monthly SEO report should include damage to the channel sent to your customer’s site visitors. This can include organic search, paid search, instant traffic, and conversions.

Be sure to compare the performance of each channel so that your customer can clearly understand which channel brings the most benefits. A sudden increase in channel traffic can be a sign that things are going well. The reduction may be a sign that a person has stopped working and needs to be corrected.

You can use the Google Analytics analytics feature to describe these changes in traffic across different channels.

  1. Click-through rate

While the first rank and search results are important, only the rank does not determine site performance. Your customers should be able to increase the number of clicks on their links in search results. Therefore, your monthly SEO report should also include a summary of the number of clicks received in each article included. This will give them a better idea of ​​the key points leading to the best results. In the “Stop keywords” section, you can find organic clicks for each topic.


Here is hoping that you have understood what to include in your monthly SEO report and why. If you have any further questions, please share in the comments section below.