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This country has the most affordable mobile broadband in the world

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Israel has the world’s most affordable mobile broadband in the world, according to a survey by Europe-based telecom company Melita. According to the survey, the average cost of mobile data per one GB of data in Israel was
$0.05 on a monthly basis. The average mobile broadband speeds were 35.98 Mbps in Israel.

In fact, as the survey shows, the top five countries with the least expensive mobile broadband connections are Israel, Kyrgyzstan, Fiji, Italy, and Russian Federation. India is not among the countries with the cheapest mobile data but instead has seen mobile broadband prices go up for each GB of data.

In 2019, the average price stood at $0.26 per GB of data, which in 2021 rose to $0.68 in India. This is a difference of $0.42 or around Rs 30. Meanwhile, mobile broadband speeds in India remain on the lower side at an average of 12.15Mbps.

While there’s no doubt that data prices are still much cheaper in India, countries like China, have seen a drastic fall in mobile broadband prices, while speeds remain on the higher side. The average in 2021 stood at $0.52 compared to $9.89 in 2019, but mobile download speeds are 150.4 Mbps on average.

The survey also shows that both Nepal and Pakistan have cheaper mobile broadband average prices per GB of data, and the speeds are higher compared to India. For Pakistan, the average price per GB is $0.59, with 18.25 Mbps monthly average speeds. Nepal is marginally lower than India in terms of prices at $0.61, but again with much better average speeds of 20.78 Mbps.

Countries with the least expensive fixed and mobile broadband. (Image via Melita survey)

India does much better on the fixed broadband speeds at 56.1 Mbps, though the prices are on the higher side at $13.58 average price. This effectively means a price of $0.24 per Mbps. The survey also showed that on fixed broadband, it takes approximately 12 minutes 10 seconds to download a 4GB movie in India.

But as we know, fixed broadband is not something most homes in India rely on, and mobile broadband is the main source of internet access for most Indians. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has recently suggested fixing 2Mbps as the minimum download speed for broadband connectivity. Currently, download speeds of 512Kbps are defined as broadband by the regulator. The earlier speed was 256 Kbps back in 201.

Singapore remains the country with the fastest download time for a 4GB movie, at just 02 minutes 55 seconds. It also has the highest fixed broadband speeds of 234.4 Mbps with an average cost of $33.43 per GB per month.

The data for this survey was gathered from 8, December 2020 and 25, February 2021.