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The world’s largest mobile boat lift prepares for its first load, a landing craft owned by the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, July 2021 (Image courtesy Derecktor)

Sep 1, 2021 1:03 PM by

Cimolai Technology

Cimolai Technology has beaten its own records by supplying the biggest mobile boat hoist ever built to one of the company’s best clients, Derecktor Shipyards. The 1500-ton unit is now in service in a new refit yard that Derecktor recently built in Fort Pierce, Florida, and it will be the third Cimolai Technology boat lifter to be

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TAMPA, Fla. — Seraphim Capital plans to trade stakes it has amassed in space technology startups on the public market through an investment trust.

The Seraphim Space Investment Trust will eventually comprise bets in 19 international startups, including satellite data specialist Spire Global, quantum encryption firm Arqit and space-based cellular network operator AST Space Mobile.

Those three recently got valuations of more than $1 billion in mergers with special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs), investment vehicles that offer another route to public markets. 

AST Space Mobile (ASTS) went public in April after completing its SPAC merger. Spire expects to

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