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Technological turnover is the process in which technology advancements renders previous iterations obsolete. Each innovation comes with new features, faster computing, and changes in user experience. In some instances, the improvements are so drastically different, they create an entire new market leaving the previous one decimated. Think of the way that GPS replaced physical maps. 

We are once again seeing surprising change in our most basic life technology, as the mobile phone market bifurcates in an unprecedented manner. A high-tech and slow-tech market have developed offering consumers drastically different features. 

The mobile phone put the world

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General Electric (GE) closed at $13.15 in the latest trading session, marking a -1.5{41490b4d0cf0dbc5ec3f65e11fff509c7d6ed2a53a838ebf7adf43f0908f07f3} move from the prior day. This change lagged the S&P 500’s daily loss of 0.16{41490b4d0cf0dbc5ec3f65e11fff509c7d6ed2a53a838ebf7adf43f0908f07f3}. At the same time, the Dow lost 0.39{41490b4d0cf0dbc5ec3f65e11fff509c7d6ed2a53a838ebf7adf43f0908f07f3}, and the tech-heavy Nasdaq gained 0.09{41490b4d0cf0dbc5ec3f65e11fff509c7d6ed2a53a838ebf7adf43f0908f07f3}.

Wall Street will be looking for positivity from GE as it approaches its next earnings report date. The company is expected to report EPS of $0.01, down 80{41490b4d0cf0dbc5ec3f65e11fff509c7d6ed2a53a838ebf7adf43f0908f07f3} from the prior-year quarter. Our most recent consensus estimate is calling for quarterly revenue of $17.6 billion, down 14.23{41490b4d0cf0dbc5ec3f65e11fff509c7d6ed2a53a838ebf7adf43f0908f07f3} from the year-ago period.

Looking at the full year, our

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