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  • Area supplier Epik is now internet hosting Texas Proper to Life’s tip-reporting web site, Salon reported.
  • Epik additionally hosts QAnon dwelling base 8chan, Alex Jones’ InfoWars, and right-wing websites like Parler and Gab.
  • The information comes after GoDaddy dropped the anti-abortion tipster web site final week.

A web site designed to report recommendations on Texans making an attempt to acquire abortions is up and operating once more, now hosted by an organization that additionally powers neo-Nazi websites.

Epik — a supplier identified for internet hosting QAnon dwelling base 8chan, Alex Jones’ conspiracy web site InfoWars,

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Battlegrounds Mobile India is expected to be launched soon in India. The battle royale game comes with a different name when compared to PUBG Mobile. However, there are numerous commonalities between the two. The news of the re-launch of the game has generated furore amidst few critics who believe the game to be just a re-branded version of PUBG Mobile.

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A recent RTI filed by a critic, Dr Gaurav Tyagi, who is an assistant professor at JNU, yielded a response from the Ministry of Electronics

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Prior to the release of Battle Ground Mobile India,is expected next month, Arunachal Pradesh MLA Ninon Elling wrote a letter requesting the Prime Minister to ban the game.Elling shared the letter Tweet He posted on Saturday. The game is a “Chinese deception” and a “major threat to India’s security and civil privacy,” he wrote in a letter. According to MLA Battle Ground Mobile India “How to circumvent and ignore our law”.

Battleground Mobile India.

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The US House of Representatives has passed a bill that would limit the ability of any United States president to impose a travel ban on the basis of religion, a move that was welcomed by civil rights advocates as “a major step forward”.

The legislation, known informally as the NO BAN Act, comes in response to former President Donald Trump’s controversial “Muslim ban” that barred travel to the US from several Muslim-majority countries.

The bill, which must also pass in the US Senate to become law, was approved by a 218-208 vote in the House on Wednesday.

“The Muslim ban

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The Trump-era ban was halted Friday by a US federal judge, who ruled that Washington lacked “substantial evidence” to support its claim that Xiaomi is owned or controlled by China’s military.
Days before President Joe Biden took office in January, the US Department of Defense added Xiaomi to a list of companies it claimed were linked to the Chinese military. Businesses on the list were subject to harsh restrictions, including the American investment ban.

Had US District Judge Rudolph Contreras not issued a preliminary injunction, the ban would have taken effect Monday, according to court documents.

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