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Sparrow launches mobile vaccination, health clinic

LANSING – Sparrow Health Systems launched a mobile health clinic to make COVID-19 vaccination more accessible to underserved populations.

Sparrow set up its first mobile clinic Monday at Advent House Ministries in Lansing and has several others planned in March and April. The clinic will offer the single-dose Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine as supply is available.

Dr. James Olson, director of Sparrow’s family medicine residency training program, said the new mobile clinic offers basic health services in areas people need them but will also administer the COVID-19 vaccine for those who might not be able to go to an appointment elsewhere.

There’s a need for the COVID vaccine and the clinic allows Sparrow to get it into the community, Olson said.

“We need to go into communities,” he said.

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Having the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is key to making the mobile clinic work since it’s not guaranteed staff would return to the same location in three weeks to deliver a second dose of Moderna or Pfizer, Olson said.

“The Johnson & Johnson does a nice job,” he said.

A recent surge in confirmed COVID-19 cases reinforces the importance of getting vaccinated against the virus, Olson said.