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Samsung’s new ad for its S21 Ultra phone is … a series on Hulu | Lifestyles – Technology

A new frontier for advertising

If “Exposure” sounds like an expensive, elaborate way to market a new device, that’s because it probably is. The show’s creators declined to disclose the cost, but Swann said he expects the show to have a more significant, long-term payoff than, say, a TV ad that runs for a few weeks would.

“(You’re) creating this ecosystem that doesn’t just run as a one or two-month media blitz when you’re launching a product,” Swann said. “You now have something on a streamer that they can … remind consumers about for 10 years.”

The series also represents an opportunity for Hulu and other streamers to form new types of brand partnerships.

Creating original programming may be a better way for brands to reach viewers, who don’t like watching ads that distract from the show they’re trying to watch.

“Consumers are increasingly making clear that they don’t want to be interrupted, they want to enjoy as fluid an experience of content as they can,” Scott Donaton, head of creative at Hulu, told CNN Business.

Having brands fund the creation of new shows could be valuable for streamers, which rely on growing their content libraries to stay ahead in the competitive streaming space. In 2019, Hulu established a unit called Greenhouse Creative Operation to formalize the creation of these kinds of branded programs.