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Realme 5 Smartphone For All People

Realme 5 Series, like a smartphone made by this Chinese company, offers Snapdragon 665 to support increasingly advanced and sophisticated cellphone performance.

according to Indiatoday., Realme 5 the performance of the Snapdragon 665 itself is not bad for playing games. This cellphone can run PUBG Mobile, moderate graphics settings smoothly. The same thing was also disclosed by AndroidAuthority. According to them, this cellphone has a good ability to run games thanks to a GPU whose performance is improved when compared to Snapdragon 660.

Android Authority also agrees with Indiatoday. in. They say that the core performance of Snapdragon 665 has decreased performance based on benchmarks when compared to Snapdragon 660. It’s just that, the performance of its power efficiency is better.

Therefore, the important point of this HP’s performance is power efficiency. The slightly decreased performance may be a problem but to play the game is still fast thanks to the support of Adreno 610. One advantage in itself, of course.

Four Rear Cameras

The Realme 5 camera is equipped with four rear cameras. The first camera is a 12 MP camera with f / 1.8 openings that supports PDAF. The second camera is an 8 MP ultra-wide camera that has f / 2.2 openings. The third camera is a 2 MP macro camera. And the fourth camera is a 2 MP camera to provide a bokeh effect.

So, what is the performance of the camera on this cellphone? Check out the following examples of camera catches from Realme 5 Series!

Realme 5 has good photo quality. This is shown from the catches of this HP camera, both for normal and ultra-wide lenses. As AndroidAuthority says, the catch of this HP camera is quite good and has too much sharpening. The catch of the ultra-wide lens also produces photos that exceed expectations.