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Pott County Health Department wants to create mobile vaccine unit | News

The Pottawatomie County Health Department could soon have a mobile vaccine unit.

Health Department Director Leslie Campbell told the commission Monday that she applied for a federal grant that would fund the project.

If approved, one of the county’s public service buses would be renovated for around $10,000.

Commissioner Pat Weixelman voiced his concerns with creating a mobile unit, asking whether it would only be used for COVID-related issues.

“Do you envision us doing this for the next 40 years?” Weixelman asked. “To what point do we go out every year, do we go out for the next 20 years and give COVID vaccines?”

Campbell said the bus could be used for any satellite clinics, adding that she doesn’t anticipate that the need for the COVID vaccine will go away anytime soon.

“The good thing about having the van is that we can go outside to any of the businesses and do it inside the van,” Campbell said. “A lot of places have a mobile van or something to use for those purposes.

Tire, refrigeration amnesty

The county will hold a tire and refrigeration amnesty in May.

It will allow residents to dispose of passenger tires and refrigeration items at the landfill for free throughout the month. Oversized tires will have an additional cost.

County Sanitarian and Landfill Director Scott Schwinn clarified refrigeration items include refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers and air conditioners.

Commissioners asked Schwinn to send a letter to cities informing them of the amnesty.

The future of the county’s old courthouse furniture is still in the balance.

Jefferson County had shown an interest in purchasing or borrowing the old furniture from the county to use in its courthouse. Commissioner Dee McKee made a motion to loan the desks to Jefferson County, but the motion died for lack of a second.

“I think if you’re going to lease it, give someone the opportunity around here to own it,” Weixelman said, adding that once the furniture is leased, it will probably never be returned.

Commissioners asked Zoning Administrator Greg Webster to prepare some information to present at next week’s commission meeting regarding the St. George comprehensive plan.

“My understanding is that it’s just a plan, merely a land use plan,” Webster said.

By statute, St. George has the ability to annex land 3 miles outside of the city limits or land that surrounds the city, according to Webster.

Webster said the plan likely was copied from the county’s existing plan.

“I would like to see you guys visit with them and see if it’s just a plan,” Riat said. “I’d kind of like to know what’s driving it.”