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Ogury Announces Personified Targeting, A Breakthrough AI-Powered Technology for Audience Targeting on Mobile Web

NEW YORK, April 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Ogury, a  global technology leader in mobile brand advertising, announced today the release of Personified Targeting. This AI-Powered breakthrough technology brings the company’s unique, in-app audience data onto the mobile web, for a highly relevant mobile web targeting, without the use of any personal identifiers.

Advertisers continue to spend more each year to increase their brand awareness. But, they are challenged with safely reaching relevant audiences across both app and web environments. Many employ data-safe methods, like semantic and contextual targeting. But these technologies lack audience intelligence and are imprecise. Or, advertisers can target individual users through behavioral tracking across environments, but doing so can be invasive and risky. Not to mention their reliance on cookies and identifiers, which are being phased out.

Ogury’s Personified Targeting addresses all these issues. It works seamlessly across both app and web environments and enables precise reach with relevant audiences, without the use of any user data, identifiers or device graphs — making it fully respectful of consumer privacy and future proof.

Personified targeting is fueled by unparalleled personification data. Personification data combines best-in-class contextual and semantic data with unique and powerful audience data at scale. Ogury’s audience data gives a deep understanding of publishers’ audiences behaviors and accurate insights into their interests. It is founded on 6 years of proprietary mobile journey data, and continually validated and enriched with:

  • Survey responses at scale, generating zero-party, self-declared data
  • User ad choices and interactions, providing self-targeting data

Ogury’s personification data, mapped to the app or webpage, qualifies the audience of millions of apps and websites, and grows richer with each ad served and every survey answered in a highly powerful virtual circle. It is used to personify impressions and enable accurate impression-centric targeting, called Personified Targeting.

“Today, we’ve expanded our reach and become a cross-environment mobile player with the addition of exclusive, in-web Thumbnail ads,” said Sarah Jones, Senior Director, Global Product Marketing at Ogury. “With Personified Targeting, our advertisers’ campaigns can leverage our unique and powerful in-app audience data for in-web targeting. That means precise reach with relevant audiences across environments, with total user privacy protection and a future-proof execution – no compromises.”

This announcement reinforces Ogury’s vision of highly effective and sustainable digital advertising, anchored in consumer privacy protection.

About Ogury

Ogury is a global technology leader in mobile brand advertising. We are an international organization with 400+ employees across 11 countries. Ogury offers an integrated stack of technology designed and optimized for impactful brand advertising on mobile. We deliver superior and sustainable ad results to advertisers and publishers, in total respect of consumer privacy.


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