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Northwest Michigan Health Services Start Mobile Vaccination Clinics for Rural Areas

Several community members in Mason County are able to receive the COVID-19 vaccination through a new Northwest Michigan Health Services program.

They call it Curbside Care.

“We purchased two medical buses and the purpose and our mission was that we would get out once the COVID vaccines hit and we were able to get out to our communities to help those that maybe have barriers,” said Director of Community Health, Tammy Sorensen.

This is one of 22 pilot programs the state to reach areas where Michiganders might have difficulties getting to an existing clinic.

Here, they say many people on the west side of the state don’t have quick access to healthcare.

“To make sure they didn’t get missed because they are an important part of our community,” said Sorensen. “Especially, our farmers and migrant communities.”

Casey Goble is a nurse from Shelby, she says she’s witnessed the inaccessibility.

“The nearest town would probably be fifteen to twenty minutes and a lot of elderly and people that don’t have the means of transportation are not able to get the vaccine or go into town to get it,” said Goble.

She says through mobile vaccination opportunities like this, she’s able to help people get a step closer to receiving a dose.

“Fortunately, I have been able to reach out to people in the community that have had a hard time to access the vaccine,” said Goble.

Northwest Michigan Health Services is still accepting appointments for their other mobile traveling clinics.

“We’ve been awarded 1,000 vaccines and we have five clinics,” said Sorensen. “We’re going to be hitting Oceana, Mason, Manistee, and Benzie.”

Their next vaccination clinic will be March 16th at the Oceana County Council on Aging.