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Mobile vaccine clinic kicks off four-day event in Newport News

Southeastern Virginia Health System and other healthcare groups brought the COVID-19 vaccine to communities in Newport News.

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — The Virginia Department of Health started its mobile vaccine clinic Monday where people in Phases 1a and 1b can get their COVID-19 vaccine at the 48th Street Physicians location.

Monday kicked off the four-day event in which the healthcare groups want to vaccinate up to 700 people. 

Valerie Jones was in line for her appointment. She says it’s been a tough year after losing loved ones to COVID-19.

“And they’re out of state. So, a lot of them, I didn’t get to go to services and things like that, so that was the hardest part for me,” Jones said.

Southeastern Virginia Health System along with Five Medicine and UnitedHealthcare are working to vaccinate around 120 to 150 people every day. They started the mobile clinic to make sure people in communities with fewer resources have better access to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Jones said she loves seeing mobile clinics like this one create more access to the vaccine in Newport News.

“I think sometimes bringing it closer to home helps to get them out and they start seeing ‘well hey a lot of people are doing it, so it might be okay,'” Jones said.

For people like Ivanshka Figueroa who work in healthcare, she says getting the vaccine is a big deal.

“I’m actually a medical assistant so I’m in healthcare. I am around a lot of people,” said Figueroa. “I’m actually a student, so we go to a lot of hospitals and systems like that, so I figured it be best that I get it and also, my peers have gotten it as well.”

The mobile clinic is currently stationed at 48th Street Physicians with pop-up tents and to-go bags filled with hand sanitizer, masks, and more. 

The mobile vaccine clinic runs from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. Monday, March 29 through Thursday, April 1. Their next location is yet to be determined.