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Harris County ESD 11 Mobile Health Services continues hiring, building

Harris County Emergency Services District No. 11 continues to hire executive staff and take other steps toward becoming its own emergency medical services provider.

The hiring and construction of new services comes after the ESD board of commissioners voted to terminate its contract for services with Cypress Creek EMS last year, with 360 days’ notice. ESD No. 11 and CCEMS have been in a longstanding conflict including legal actions between the two entities. The ESD decided to create their own EMS from scratch, as the contract with CCEMS is scheduled to end in September.

During the April 15 special meeting of ESD No. 11, Doug Hooten, executive director of ESD No. 11, said the entity recently opened their human resources management software and plans to begin hiring CCEMS employees and others through the system. The organization, officially renamed Harris County ESD No. 11 Mobile Health Services, hired a human relations generalist and manager in order to hire employees.

“We are constantly in hiring mode,” Hooten said. “We are encouraging existing employees to please apply. You have to apply and fill out an application and that’s so we can get you into the HR systems and track that.”

Former Cypress Creek EMS employees wishing to work for ESD 11 MHS will follow a special process in order to reduce interference with CCEMS services.

“We’ll be hiring everyone throughout the next month and a half,” Hooten said. Everyone will start out part-time. Again, the idea here is not to interfere with CCEMS’s ability to provide service. We’re going to work around whatever their full-time schedules are and facilitate our onboarding of those personnel. I want to thank Wren and his staff for working with us to do that and we’ll work together to make sure that’s as seamless as possible.”

According to a preliminary budget provided by ESD No. 11 MHS, the entity plans to spend a total of $6,222,131 on services for January through August 2021. The preliminary budget includes $1,710,024 for employee compensation, $560,000 in direct cost estimates and $2,887,723 of net income from operations.

ESD No. 11 is also purchasing admin property, which is currently under construction at their new building for ESD 11 MHS, including two more design phases on the way. ESD 11 MHS is also working on receiving proper equipment for pediatric emergencies and enrolling with Medicare as a provider.

Previously, ESD 11 MHS purchased a new building at 18334 Stuebner Airline Road in Klein, and hired Jamie Chebra as chief operating officer, Robert Farmer as chief administrative officer and Casey Patrick as medical director. The ESD hired an IT manager, as well as Xavier DeLaRosa as the new chief clinical officer.

As for current EMS services within the ESD 11 Mobile Health Services area, in addition to CCEMS, ESD No. 11 continues to contract with MedStar in the meantime. ESD No. 11 is also in the process of procuring more funding for equipment and facilities.

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