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Facial Recognition Technology Enables Copyright Protection of Mobile Proofs

Waldo Photos, an AI-powered mobile-first photo sales and sharing platform, has announced that it has patented a new copyright protection technology aimed to help professional photographers deliver proofs of their images to smartphones without fear of images being screenshot and stolen.

Dubbed FaceBlocker, the technology solves a decade old problem faced by professional photographers — how to deliver proofs where consumers want to view them — their smartphones — while making them easy to assess in terms of quality but difficult to screenshot in lieu of purchasing.

Here’s how the FaceBlocker technology works: candid or portrait photos taken by a professional photographer at an event or photo shoot are uploaded to the Waldo cloud. When Waldo’s facial recognition “recognizes” the face of a potential purchaser, Waldo places the Waldo logo over the face of the intended purchaser in the photo. The FaceBlocked proofs are then delivered to the mobile device of those found in the photo and they can view their face by tapping their screen but the rest of the photo is blurred out. Once purchased, the photos are delivered in hi-res without any obstructions. Any prints which are ordered are shipped directly to the purchaser, saving the photographer countless hours chasing down proofs and processing orders.

Over the past year, the FaceBlocker technology and mobile sales platform has been used by professional photographers at national gymnastics meets, dance and cheer competitions, Miss America, Miss USA and NA Miss pageants, school portraits and more. Many of the photography companies and event promoters who have been early adopters of the Waldo Photos platform have seen an increase in sales of over 100{41490b4d0cf0dbc5ec3f65e11fff509c7d6ed2a53a838ebf7adf43f0908f07f3}. The Waldo Pro platform also ensures the proofs are seen as the AI pushes proofs via text to each person photographed, in near real-time, saving photographers countless hours fielding calls and emails.