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Denton Magnet School named Alabama’s Most Outstanding Middle School | Mobile County Alabama News

MOBILE, Ala. –Denton Magnet School of Technology, located on Pleasant Valley Road in Mobile, offers advanced-level courses in all subjects, while providing students with opportunities to learn about and explore various technologies.

Students take a design and modeling class their sixth-grade year and can move up to take classes including: robotics, flight and space, medical detectives, television production, graphic arts, computer science for innovators, and more.

Denton received the designation as Alabama’s Most Outstanding Middle School based upon how students in the ACES club performed in a recent statewide, virtual competition.

Denton students racked up 8 first-place in categories ranging from coding to mechanical engineering, leadership to video game design. Students also won 3 second-place awards and 3 third-place awards during the competition.

“We have really talented kids,” said Melanie Kriner, a technology teacher at Denton. “Not only is it about competition with TSA, but it’s also about leadership opportunities. It’s about service projects. And it’s about learning to work in teams, which is a very valuable tool to learn as you move into whatever career you choose. It’s also about getting the kids thinking about what they want to do. We have kids who are engineering whizzes.”

Second place for Outstanding Middle School of the Year was Florence Middle School; third place was Hampton Cove Middle School in Huntsville.

These Denton students won first-place awards in the TSA competition and will go on to compete at the national conference:

– CAD Foundations – Daisy Taylor

– Children’s Stories – Kaylyn Fetherland

– Coding – Owen Farmer & Kaylyn Fetherland

– Data Science and Analytics – Logan Philips

– Leadership Strategies – Sofia Galvan, Ava Quinones, & Jacob Shumer

– Mechanical Engineering – Brian Carr, Logan Philips, & Jacob Shumer

– State PIN Contest – Ria Amtha

– Video Game Design – James Adams, Jackson Bolding, Owen Farmer, & Sofia Galvan

Second-place awards:

– CAD Foundations – Kaylyn Fetherland

– Challenging Technology Issues – Sofia Galvan & Ava Quinones

– Data Science and Analytics – Jacob Shumer

Third-place awards:

– Digital Photography – Meylin Perera

– Promotional Marketing – Ria Amtha

– State PIN Contest – Aria McCaskey