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Accordia-Health opens clinic in Mobile, providing physical and mental care for children all in one place | Mobile County Alabama News

MOBILE, ala. (WALA) A new health clinic in Mobile has found an easier way to provide families access to physical and mental care for children.

Accordia-Health’s integrated care office, located in Mobile, gives children complete treatment all under one roof.

For years now, if your child needed to see a pediatrician or child psychiatrist you would have to make an appointment, possibly scheduled months apart and in different locations.

Scheduling and driving to different doctor’s appointments could be difficult to juggle as a parent, so Accordia-Health wanted to solve that problem by having it all in one place.

The integrated care office provides a team of doctors and psychiatrists to give children the complete treatment they need.

“We not only provide better care for the patients but we also provide better information flow for the providers themselves,” says Accordia-Health Child Psychiatrist, Edgar Finn, “I will know what the pediatrician is thinking, the pediatrician will know what I’m thinking, the therapist will know what we’re thinking.”

Not only does this allow health professionals to be more efficient in their practices, but patients are seeing an improvement in their overall well-being with how quick they are able to be treated.

Dr. Finn and his colleague, Pediatrician Brian Gavan take pride in how quickly they are able to diagnose and treat their patients, sometimes seeing up to thirteen a day.

“In the past, we’d have to refer them out and we might hear from their doctor a few weeks later,” says Dr. Finn, “but in our clinic we actually saw that patient and the next day they were seeing Dr. Gavan and the day after that we were putting our heads together on exactly what treatment plan we want to put in place for that patient”.

Seeing the benefits first hand, Dr. Finn says he hopes that this integrated care model will be used by other clinics and our future health professionals.

If your child needs any of these services you can make an appointment by calling (251)-461-3491. The office is located at 2419 Gordon Smith Drive and is open from 8:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.

Accordia Health is a Federally Qualified Health Center — meaning no one is turned away because of their ability to pay.